Monday’s Mention

Two Roads Home

Two Roads Home is book 2 of A Chicory Inn Novel Series by Deborah Raney; however, it works well as a standalone also.

Corinne Pennington is feeling out of sorts and not really sure why. Things are wonderful; she has three darling little girls, the home of her dreams and the husband of other women’s dreams.

Jesse Pennington, Corrine’s husband, is working hard and constantly travelling in order to provide for his family. When Michaela Creeve’s, a co-worker, begins to show him a little attention, it goes to Jesse’s head.  Even though his wife and other family members have warned Jesse about his flirting being taken the wrong way, he doesn’t listen; after all, he would never violate his marriage vows.

Michaela Creeve has problems no one is aware of until she threatens to sue the company for sexual harassment and names Jesse as the offender.

As the Pennington’s life spirals out of control, will they be able to turn to each other and to God for assistance and reassurance?

Deborah Raney has done a skillful job of weaving a contemporary story that has all the hurt, anger and angst one would encounter in the situation described in Two Roads Home.  The novel gives an unadulterated look at how seemingly innocent actions can be misconstrued and used to wound others.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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