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A Blessing for Miriam

A Blessing for Miriam by Jerry Eicher is the second book in the Land of Promise Series.

Miriam Yoder, first introduced in Miriam’s Secret, Book One in the Land of Promise Series, has become a schoolteacher and is still living in Oklahoma.  Her life is beginning to fall into order; she is engaged to be married and has a job she loves. However, life soon interferes.

Miriam’s sister, Shirley, is in a car accident back home in Possum Valley and needs her sister’s assistance in healing. Miriam returns home to help her sister, even though she fears she may lose her fiancé, Wayne Yutzy, to a local girl who has set her sights on him.

A storm leaves devastation in its path soon after Miriam returns from Possum valley. Her Daett (Amish for Dad) comes to Oklahoma to assist in reconstruction; however, he leaves a path of destruction himself. Reeling from the repercussions of the storm’s devastation and her Daett’s attitude, Miriam has to find her path back to her faith.

Jerry Eicher has done a skillful job of portraying the life of the Amish, the devastation of the storm, the turmoil of the characters and each individual in the story. Drawn deeply into the story as you read A Blessing for Miriam, you catch yourself laughing or crying with the people, too.

I received this book from in exchange for a review.

tornado 2


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