Thursday’s Thought

Callie: inspirational women’s fiction (The Women of Valley View Book 1) is the first book written by Sharon Srock and is the first in The Women of Valley View Series.

Callie Stillman is barely able to function after the death of a baby she knew. She feels the child’s death is her fault. Because of her help as a social worker, the baby was returned to an abusive home and died as a result of the abuse.

As Callie tries to put her feelings into perspective and her life back into order, she feels a nudging from the Lord to assist in helping mysterious pre-teen Iris, her older sister, Samantha, and Samantha’s baby, Bobbie. Trying to resist the call, Callie is torn between heeding God’s call, her fear of getting involved and her ever-present fear of creating another heart-breaking situation.

Callie’s husband, Benton, not feeling Callie’s calling, is trying everything to dissuade her from becoming involved.

Sharon Srock has done a masterful job of portraying the dilemma Callie is facing along with her fears. As you read, you cannot help but become enamored with each character, enabling you to feel all the pain and agony, fear and hopelessness, anger and defeat that each person is feeling, too.



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