Monday’s Mention

Bridge of Faith by Catherine West deals with very real and difficult problems, problems like spousal abuse, divorce, alcoholism and PTSD.

Julia Hansen had endured years of physical and verbal abuse from her husband, until one day after another brutal beating, her husband dies and she is hospitalized. Her parents come to Atlanta to take her and her two children, Mark and Emily, back home to Vermont.

Reid Wallace, a nationally acclaimed and recognized news reporter, has returned to Vermont, also. He is suffering from PTSD brought on by the bombing and subsequent deaths of his camera crew while reporting on the war in the Middle East. Unable to deal with the emotional fall-out, he has left his news-reporting job.

Neither Julia nor Reid knew the other was in town. Neither is ready to see the other. They had married nearly thirteen years before, but Reid walked out two weeks after the wedding. When Reid sees Julia’s son, Mark, he knows there’s something she needs to tell him, but can he win her trust back?

As the two battle through frustration, anger and depression, they argue and distrust each other. Reid wants to reconcile, but Julia wants no part of his reconciliation.

Bridge of Faith captures the anguish and turmoil of both Reid and Julia’s lives in vivid and understandable detail. Catherine West does a great job of detailing the complexities of life without the story being mired in despondency and pessimism. She aptly describes emotions, repercussions to actions and reconciliation to events without getting bogged down.

The novel is a gripping story of imperfect people trying to overcome huge obstacles on their road to forgiveness.

***Disclaimer: There are references to cursing. However, there is only one curse word.***

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Catherine West!

Bridge of Faith




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