Monday’s Mention

Gone Fishing by Janice Thompson is novella two of the trilogy Biloxi Brides which was originally published under the title Sugar and Grits.

Sassy Hatchett, widow and owner of Sassy’s Bait Shop, has an acerbic tongue, and most of the time it matches her mood.

Wendell Meeks, a confirmed bachelor and the local mail carrier for Calista, Mississippi, can’t seem to get Sassy out of his mind. His best friend Gus thinks he’s crazy. Could the Lord really be leading Wendell to court Sassy?

As Wendell tries to determine if he should “hook” Sassy as his wife, Sassy cuts the bait (as in making her own).

Gone Fishing, like the other two stories, includes recipes and tips, in this case, Sassy’s Ten Tips for Snagging a Fellow.

Janice Thompson is a master at creating “sassy”, spunky and quirky characters, and true to her craft, she has created another fun character with Sassy Hatchett.

I received this book free from Janice Thompson in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.  As always, Janice, I truly enjoyed the story.

For a sneak peek at Gone Fishing by Janice Thompson, you can read it here:

Gone fishing

#Gone Fishing


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