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When Grace Sings

When Grace Sings: A Novel (The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy Book 2) by Kim Vogel Sawyer begins with a discussion between reporter Briley Forrester and his boss, Len. After reading a local newspaper article about Amish-Mennonite living and the joy the inhabitants of the community expressed, Briley is challenged by his boss to go to the community and find some “dirt” on its residents. Briley, in a quest to prove his worth, to both new and old acquaintances, takes up the gauntlet and heads from Chicago to Arborville, Kansas.

Alexa Zimmerman recently returned to Arborville to aid her invalid grandmother. As part of her assistance, Alexa has started a Bed and Breakfast, Grace Notes B&B, hoping to add income to her and her grandmother’s meager funds. Alexa is not part of the Amish-Mennonite community, but dresses plain as a sign of respect to her family and community.

Anna-Grace Braun and her fiancé, Steven Brungardt, from near-by Sommerfield, Kansas, are engaged to be married. Steven’s family kindly gifted them an old family farmstead in Arborville, but there are an immense number of repairs to be completed before they can move in.  Ana-Grace receives permission to visit with Alexa and Alexa’s grandmother (who are distant relatives of hers) at the B&B in order to assist Steven in getting the home ready to move into after their marriage. However, as time goes on Anna-Grace gets the impression Steven doesn’t want the farm and Alexa isn’t happy that she is visiting.

All the undercurrents cause Briley’s reporter instincts to kick into high gear after he arrives in Arborville. He observes that things aren’t all they seem on the surface. Will he be able to get the “dirt” he seeks?

When Grace Sings is book two of the series, and in some minor details, you are left wondering. However, as you continue the book, Kim Sawyer does a great job of filling in the details.

I really enjoyed getting to know the characters. The author does an impressive job of describing each character’s thoughts and feelings, thus drawing you into the story and individual’s life. I am genuinely looking forward to the third in the series, When Love Returns(The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy Book 3). I am also going to read the first one, When Mercy Rains (The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy Book 1).

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I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Grace Notes B and B



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