Tuesday’s Tale

Mismatched in Texas is book 2 of Deep in the Heart of Texas series by Janice Thompson.

Belinda Bauer lives in Poetry, Texas, in 1904. Poetry is a city heavy on men and light on women, so Belinda decides to become a marriage broker. After all, almost everyone wants to get married. But, Belinda feels marriage isn’t for her; she’s destined to be a marriage broker.

Belinda’s first prospect is George Kaufman, the local barber and her best friend since grade school. However, George isn’t so sure about her pronouncement. He is happy with his single life.

Belinda doesn’t take no for an answer and proceeds to search newspaper and magazine articles advertising mail order brides, for a potential mate for George. In fact, she becomes so excited by the prospect she starts looking for brides for all the single men of Poetry.

Mayhem ensues as prospective brides and grooms aren’t compatible, and Belinda is at a loss to explain why.

Belinda matches Reverend Billingsley, a widower, with Sarah Jo Cummings. Sarah Jo appeared to be somewhat demure on paper, but in real life, she is anything but. She flirts with every man in town and then decides to build an opera house.  She definitely isn’t the material of a preacher’s wife!

Poor Belinda, she thinks her skills are best when approached in a scientific way, but what happens when her matches are all wrong? Can two people be too much alike?

Mismatched in Texas, is another delightfully quirky book by Janice Thompson, queen of delightfully quirky books.

Even though the story is second in the series, it can and does stand alone. **NOTE: This novel was previously released as Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas.**

I received this book free from the author, Janice Thompson, in exchange for an honest review.

Marriage broker


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