Monday’s Missive

Forever Amish by Kate Lloyd is book three of the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy; however, it could be a standalone book.

Sally Bingham, daughter of Ed, of Honest Ed’s Used Cars fame, decides to take a trip. She has been getting emails from an Amish girl, Lizzie, who keeps asking questions about her dog business. Lizzie is very persistent, even after Sally tells her she no longer operates the business and asks that Sally please come to visit and help her find the perfect dog, preferably a corgi.

Sally, leaving behind her ill father and new fiancé, embarks on a trip to Bird-In-Hand in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, taking her favorite car, a fire engine red 67 Mustang.

A leak in the roof of the B&B where Sally had reservations forces a change in plans and lands her at the home of Lizzie’s family, as their guest.

The longer Sally stays in Bird-In-Hand, the more she’s convinced that Lizzie knows something about her mother. Sally doesn’t even know who her mother is.  How could Lizzie?

As Sally tries to track down the mystery, she slams into many brick walls set there by her father, but why? Her father’s health is rapidly deteriorating; her fiancé is acting strange and elusive. Why does she feel such an affinity for Armin King?

Kate Lloyd does an excellent job of introducing intrigue and trickery into the plot of Forever Amish, making you want to quickly read the book to find out all the answers.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



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