Friday’s Fiction

Heaven Help Heidi (Family of the Heart) by Sally John is a great story, realistic and very thought provoking.

Heidi Hathaway is on the fast track of life. She seemingly has it all, a fantastic job in real estate that she loves, a very modern, minimalistic condominium and a late model crimson colored German car.  Things were going great until they weren’t. Heidi is cruising at 80 miles an hour on the exchange out of Orange County into San Diego. After switching lanes, she has nowhere to go but the shoulder, where she loses control on gravel and goes flying.

Heidi’s life is turned upside down. She can’t work, can’t live alone and can’t walk easily, definitely not well enough to navigate her condo’s three levels. After spending an interminable amount of time, recuperating at her parent’s home, she decides to rent her condo and move into a smaller home.

She moves into a charming little bungalow at Casa de Vida and changes her life forever.

Casa de Vida is an enchanting community of an eclectic group of people. Everyone living there is (or has) faced needs of epic proportions, and none more than Heidi at the time she moves in. As each bungalow resident pulls together to welcome Heidi, life is changed in ways no one can ever anticipate.

I really enjoyed Heaven Help Heidi. Even though there is a large cast of characters, the story still ebbs and flows flawlessly through each one’s life, as they knit together and form life-long friendships.

Sally John does a stunning job of interlacing spiritual nuggets and knowledge without bashing you over the head while at the same time leaving you with true spiritual morsels.

Heaven Help Heidi will leave you assessing your beliefs and wanting to become a better person.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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