Monday’s Missive

Murder Tightly Knit (An Amish Village Mystery Book 2) by Vannetta Chapman opens with the murder of Owen Esch, a young Amish man that had recently returned to Middlebury. Owen was walking the Pumpkinvine Trail prior to going to work, after scouting out an area for deer.

Amber Bowman, an Englischer (non- Amish) and manager of the village of quaint shops with unique names, is understandably upset when she receives the news. To make matters worse, Hannah Weaver, manager of the Cat’s Meow (a knitting store), has come under suspicion. Hannah has been seen hanging around an unsavory Englischer and The Cat’s Meow was the last call made on Owen’s phone.

The Miller’s are an Amish family living in Middlebury whose son, Andrew is constantly moving from place to place. Andrew returns home on the same day Owen is murdered, and things become even more interesting in their hometown.

When a federal agent, assigned to assist in the investigation, becomes belligerent and confrontational,   everything appears to spiral out of the local Sheriff’s control. Amber and her Amish friend, Hannah Troyer, manager of A Simple Blend (a coffee shop) are determined to unravel the mysteries surrounding the death of Owen Esch.

**This aspect of the book would have been slightly easier to understand if I had read the first in the series. However, it is explained, though obviously not in great detail and only piqué’s one’s interest in the first book, Murder Simply Brewed (An Amish Village Mystery Book 1).

The book is long (almost 400 pages) and introduces a large cast of characters; nonetheless, it is still compelling and attention grabbing. Most people will be attempting to figure out the murderer right up to the reveal.

Murder Tightly Knit is a very different mystery book, featuring the Amish and their way of life as the central theme.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



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