Friday’s Fiction

Where Trust Lies (Return to the Canadian West) by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan is book two in the series. Even so, it only takes a little reading to become caught up with the previous book’s story.

Beth Thatcher has returned home for the summer after teaching in Coal Valley, part of the Canadian West. She had hoped to spend some time relaxing with the family; however, her mother decided the family should take a cruise from her home to Florida and back.  Scarcely having time to enjoy being home, she’s whisked off on the cruise.

Beth had hoped to spend time with her sisters and mother. She wanted to be able to tell them about her adventures and her boyfriend, Jack “Jarrick” Thornton, but before she is able to say much of anything she is whisked off on the cruise.

While on the cruise, Julie, Beth’s younger sister, develops a friendship with Jannis, Penny and Nick. Even though Beth has no real reason for concern, she doesn’t think the three new friends are all they say they are. As time goes on Beth begins to believe that Julie’s friends may be just what she needs to avoid the boredom on board; the three are caught up in a whirlwind of tennis, roller-skating, swimming and concerts while on the ship. Julie is even able to convince the more sedate Beth to join them on several occasions.

Just before reaching New York, the Thatcher family faces a crisis that tests everyone’s faith.

Overall Where Trust Lies is a good book, lots of faith backed by scripture and rich history. My only complaint, if you could call it such, is too much packed into one story. The trips to Prince George’s Island and other ports of call are resplendently portrayed, and I would have liked to spend more time getting to know the areas.

Where Trust Lies is another enjoyable book by Janette Oke and is co-authored by her daughter, Laurel Oke Logan.

I received this book from The Book Club Network, Inc/ in exchange for an honest review.


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Monday’s Mention

I have been selected as a member of Michele Cushatt’s UNDONE Launch Team.

I am honored to be part of this team. Michele’s story is indescribable.  You can read about Michele here. She is heroic, awesome and God-loving.

As we get deeper into the launch I will be posting more about the book.

I am so excited!

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Friday’s Fiction

Another Christmas story to enjoy!

Christmas at Harmony Hill: A Shaker Story by Ann H. Gabhart begins with Heather Worth on the Civil War battlefield with her husband, Gideon.

Heather marries her true love and is condemned for it by her father.  In desperation, she follows her husband onto the battlefield as a washerwoman.

As winter sets in, Heather realizes she cannot continue as a washerwoman. She would be unable to survive the cold and her pregnancy, which she has successfully hidden, will soon be revealed. Heather decides to return home, even though she dreads her father’s censure. She knows her mother will never turn her away, especially in her delicate condition. Unknown to Heather, her mother and brother had passed away while she was on the battlefield.

Heather’s trip home is arduous and cold, but she survives, only to have her father threaten to kill her if she comes a foot closer to their house. Discouraged, she hides in the family’s barn and sets out in the early morning to find her Aunt Sophrena and the Shaker Village she lives in at Harmony Hill.

Heather and the Shaker’s endure many adjustments to each other as Heather seeks refuge there. Heather also becomes much closer to the Lord and her Aunt, as Christmas and her due date draw closer.

Christmas at Harmony Hill is a captivatingly written story, revealing many insights of the Shaker religion, one I knew very little about.



Tuesday’s Tale

Miriam’s Secret by Jerry S. Eicher is Book 1 in the Land of Promise Series.

The Amish family of Miriam Yoder is barely eking out a living on their farm.  As the oldest child of ten, Miriam looks for and finds a job in order to assist her family.

Miriam’s job is to be caretaker and housekeeper for an Englischer, Mr. Bland. Her job not only helps her family but also helps ease the mind of Mr. Bland’s sister, Rose.

Miriam comes to think of Mr. Bland as a father figure. He feels like Miriam is the daughter he never had. He gives her continual raises because she is such a kind, generous and caring employee.

One day, as Miriam is preparing breakfast, Mr. Bland passes away. Miriam is heartbroken and returns home that day full of grief.

On the day of the funeral, Rose picks up Miriam and tells her they will visit an attorney after the service. Unknown to Miriam and something she had never asked for, Mr. Bland has named her in his will.

Upon visiting the attorney, Miriam learns Mr. Bland left her his entire farm, enough capital to run it and two million dollars. (An amount equal to 1/3 of his vast estate, the other two equal portions were divided between Rose and charities.) Stunned, Miriam requests, initially that her family know nothing of the inheritance.

As Miriam struggles with her inheritance, along with many hard questions from her family, she finally tells them about the farm and the operating expenses. She fears for the repercussions if she were to tell them of the two million dollars and continues to harbor the secret.

Unable to face the ignominy of a boy that wants to court her, only after learning of her farm inheritance, Miriam decides to visit her Aunt and Uncle in an Amish community in Oklahoma, and takes her sister Shirley, who is closest to her in age.

Miriam has many choices to face, does not know which way to turn and loses her way for a while.  She frequently asks herself, should she stay in Oklahoma, will she ever marry, what can or should she do about the inheritance, is she able to fulfill God’s will for her?

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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