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The Discovery Saga Collection: A 6-Part Series from Lancaster County (The Discovery – A Lancaster County Saga), by Wanda E. Brunstetter, was originally released as a monthly serial over the course of six months.  All six stories, 1:  Goodbye to Yesterday, 2:  The Silence of Winter, 3:  The Hope of Spring, 4:  The Pieces of Summer, 5:  A Revelation in Autumn, 6:  A Vow for Always, are now together in one book.

The stories focus on the lives of a young Amish couple, Luke and Meredith Stotzfus, following their trials and losses over almost 2 years.

Due to the economic downturn, Luke lost his job as a woodworker at a nearby furniture store.  As things became more desperate for the couple, Luke received a call from his uncle in Indiana.  Uncle Amos offered to teach him a new trade and sell him all the equipment so Luke can continue to live in Bird-In-Hand, Pennsylvania.

Meredith does not feel good about the idea and wishes Luke would not take what little money they have to use for a bus ticket and buying the business.  In addition, Meredith is afraid for Luke to travel by bus from Pennsylvania to Indiana, because the weather is particularly bad, even for the month of January.  She is also reluctant for him to leave, because she suspects she is pregnant; however, she decides to not say anything and save the news as a surprise for Luke when he comes home.

The Stotzfus’ have many intense arguments concerning Luke’s determination to go to Indiana, but Luke is adamant and finally leaves by bus for Indiana.

Luke arrives in Philadelphia for a bus transfer.  While there, a drug-crazed man robs, beats and leaves him for dead on the floor of the men’s room of the bus terminal.

Thus ends the first novella in the series.

The Discovery Saga is a hard book to put down. Each section ends with a cliffhanger, making you want to hurry to the next story.  There are many surprising and intriguing plot twists and turns, leaving you almost breathless as you read about each one.  However, the story is written more along the lines of a YA (Young Adult) novel than as one written for the more mature reader.

The series is not a traditional Amish story.  It focuses more on the circumstances and the lives of each person rather, than on the customs and traditions of the Amish people.  There are lots of characters introduced, not only Amish but also Englischer (non-Amish), and the plot gets bogged down sometimes because of this.

Overall, a quick easy read suitable for a few free hours or a sleepless night.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



(I posted this a day early-guess I’m ready for the weekend!)


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