Misletoe Monday

Love at Mistletoe Inn: A December Wedding Story (A Year of Weddings Novella Book 1) by Cindy Kirk is, as the parenthetical section describes, book one of A Year of Weddings Novella.

The story has an intriguing premise:  Hope Prentiss, now an event planner for weddings and receptions, had eloped and married John Burke on what was to have been their prom night. She developed cold feet at the ceremony and was informed by the minister (ordained on-line) that the marriage wasn’t legal if the certificate is never mailed in to the proper authorities.

Ten years have elapsed since that fateful night. John left town immediately after the ceremony. Hope moved on and is dating someone new.  However, during the Boise Bridal Extravaganza, where she has a booth, Hope finds that she is, without a doubt, still married. Moreover, if that wasn’t enough, John shows up out of the blue. He is at her Aunt’s when she gets home.  He informs her he has plans to return home to live-in fact, right on her and her Aunt’s property, in their carriage house.

The story appears to falter some from that point on.

Hope, knowing they are still married, gives the impression of suffering real angst, but her actions show anything but distress!

** (Spoiler Alert) I was greatly surprised to see Hope and John sleep together almost as soon as they said hello! I also felt this was too much, too soon for a Christian novel.

As they grapple with the fact that their marriage is legal, Hope runs around trying to find a way to “un”marry John without having to divorce him.  When all else fails, she begins to have a change of heart.

The story starts with a great premise, but goes downhill from there. Missing also, are any true Biblical truths or principles you would expect from a story that is Christian in nature.

 Love at Mistletoe Inn is a cute story if you can overcome some of the more “fantastic” elements of the tale.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I have at least two more Christmas stories to review-I really fell behind on these.

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