Friday’s Fiction

Sheltered by an Angel’s Wing by Katherine Pasour, is an exciting book full of intrigue mystery and lots of Biblical insights.

The book is divided into three spine-tingling stories following the unplanned adventures of Emily Ratliffe.

Emily, a college professor, is over-joyed when her proposal is accepted for the International Women’s Conference on Education, to be held in London. To say her husband, Dan, is “under” joyed would be an under evaluation of his reaction. After much discussion and no real resolution, Emily departs for London, leaving behind, Dan and her two children, Alex and Cassie.

The hotel where Emily is staying and the site of the conference becomes the target of bio-terrorism. Because of the attack, Emily ministers, both spiritually and physically, to those that have fallen ill. She angers Dan for staying longer than planned even though she was forced to by a quarantine.

The story of Emily’s heroic acts and intriguing perils don’t end there as she becomes embroiled in more adventures in Parts Two and Three of the novel.

Sheltered by an Angel’s Wings is a hard book to put down. Fortunately, it is broken into three sections, or I would have spent 24 hours reading it straight through to the finish.

Exciting stories with Biblical principles and truths makes this a “must read” book.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I would like to thank Katherine for her patience with regards to how long it took me to read and review this wonderful book, and also thank her for sending me Sheltered by an Angel’s Wings to read. I am looking forward to reading future books she may publish.

***Word of caution:  There are scenes of violence.

Flight to London



3 thoughts on “Friday’s Fiction

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  2. RobbyeFaye!
    Thanks so much for featuring me on Friday’s Fiction. I’m so glad you enjoyed Sheltered by an Angel’s Wings. I am truly blessed by your review. Wishing you much joy in your reading and writing and many blessings for 2015.

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