Saturday’s Silly

One day two good friends, a Jewish rabbi and a Catholic priest, were at a picnic.  The priest, enjoying a ham sandwich, said to his friend, “This ham sandwich is really delicious. I know you aren’t supposed to eat ham, but why is such a good thing forbidden? Will you break down and try it?”

To which the rabbi replied, “At your wedding.”

Priest and Rabbi picnic


15 thoughts on “Saturday’s Silly

    • Thanks for the heads up.I found this at Clean Funny Christian Jokes and Religious Humor @ I always though (especially since I’ve published LOTS of jokes for Saturday Silly) that as long as they were from a site that offered them as free that I didn’t need to cite where I got them from. Sorry, if I was incorrect. I guess, too, I just figured everyone would know they weren’t mine as I seriously am not that funny! Anyway, thanks again and I’ll start to cite where they are from. God’s Blessings.

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      • Carla, I just finished reading what you currently have on your blog.
        Wow! What memories; both sad and happy. I’m glad you have preserved them!
        I enjoy blogging-I just kind of let it follow it’s course. Sometimes it’s reviews, or Biblical truths, or memories or whatever!
        Glad to have found your blog-maybe you’ll get back to it again.
        Love you all!


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