Saturday’s Silly

One day two good friends, a Jewish rabbi and a Catholic priest, were at a picnic.  The priest, enjoying a ham sandwich, said to his friend, “This ham sandwich is really delicious. I know you aren’t supposed to eat ham, but why is such a good thing forbidden? Will you break down and try it?”

To which the rabbi replied, “At your wedding.”

Priest and Rabbi picnic


15 thoughts on “Saturday’s Silly

    1. Thanks for the heads up.I found this at Clean Funny Christian Jokes and Religious Humor @ I always though (especially since I’ve published LOTS of jokes for Saturday Silly) that as long as they were from a site that offered them as free that I didn’t need to cite where I got them from. Sorry, if I was incorrect. I guess, too, I just figured everyone would know they weren’t mine as I seriously am not that funny! Anyway, thanks again and I’ll start to cite where they are from. God’s Blessings.

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      1. Carla, I just finished reading what you currently have on your blog.
        Wow! What memories; both sad and happy. I’m glad you have preserved them!
        I enjoy blogging-I just kind of let it follow it’s course. Sometimes it’s reviews, or Biblical truths, or memories or whatever!
        Glad to have found your blog-maybe you’ll get back to it again.
        Love you all!


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