Tuesday’s Tale

Love Without End (A King’s Meadow Romance Series Book 1) by Robin Lee Hatcher, picks up a few years after her book Promises Kept.  You can read Love Without End and enjoy it immensely, even without having read Promises Kept.

Chet Leonard is a rancher in Idaho, owner of Leonard Ranch Quarter Horses. While mourning the death of another son and the breakup of his marriage, he still has to care for his two other sons. As he tries to come to terms with his wife’s total abandonment, he learns his beloved “Nana Anna,” an adopted member of his family, is coming to stay at the ranch.

He barely has time to return from the airport with Nana Anna when Kimberly Welch, a single mother with a troubled teenager, shows up to ask his help with her daughter Tara’s horse.  Kimberly explains one of his friends, Janet Dunn, referred her to his ranch. Chet agrees out of respect for his friend, even though he really doesn’t have the time or inclination to help.

As Chet is settling into his new life without his son and wife, Kimberly is settling into her new life as a widowed mother with a teenager. Both Chet and Kimberly feel at their wit’s ends at times.  Were it not for Nana Anna being there for Chet, and Kimberly’s friend letting her live with her rent free, neither would weather this season of their lives well.

As Chet, Nana Anna, Kimberly and Tara become accustomed to their new lives, prayer and good friends help them through the rough times.

Love Without End is a wonderful book of life.  Frank and honest, it is a novel you do not want to miss.  It will be hard to put down!

I received this book from https://www.netgalley.com/ in exchange for an honest review.




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