Tuesday Tutorial

The Handbag Workshop:  Design and Sew the Perfect Bag by Anna M. Mazur is a great book for anyone wanting to create a special look or to design a distinctive style of their own.

The book breaks down all aspects of creating your own handbag, from anatomy of the handbag to techniques and supplies. Some chapters are devoted to each level of expertise-beginner, intermediate and advanced.  There are also patterns for leather and suede; these could be adapted to fashion cloth bags. The author even includes patterns, resources and metric conversions. Handbag Workshop has many illustrations, along with projects to assist the seamstress.

Handbag Workshop is a skillfully crafted book, one you will frequently refer to when fashioning your own handbag.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.




2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tutorial

  1. You know, I started to sew when I was 12. I was sewing everything whichever could be done on a sewing machine. I was using any fabrics or leftover materials, but I don’t think I ever read any book about that. We were not well-off, but sewing allowed to make the most incredible stuff, and I was feeling sad one time since I could make any purse, any jacket, coat, pants, dress, etc., anything for my home, but I did not have new shoes and I couldn’t make them.
    I believe, following steps and using ready designs is good for people who just want to make a piece or two, but other than that: why not to apply your own inspiration and designs because it is real easy? I always liked sewing and making patterns because it was a very logical thing. Just put it together in your head and then draw over on the fabric. Sewing our own things is so much better than buying something ready made: these things are not only original (nobody else has the exact same dress or skirt), but also really fitted and suited for ourselves, our style and taste.
    I like the fact you are doing reviews. Is that you try to follow their instructions and later let them know how it worked? Amazing! I have lots of respect for people who try to do something on their own and to make instead of simply consuming stuff.
    Good luck with your new projects!


    • Thank you for the kind comment.
      I can’t, by just about any stretch of the imagination, be termed a seamstress. I am more of a dabbler and want to be!
      I had an aunt, when I was younger, that was able to recreate anything she saw. She made her daughter beautiful designer clothes and a lot of times I received her hand me downs. Wow, you can’t imagine the joy. And my travelling outfit after I was married was spectacular. (I never even knew I need a travelling dress!)
      I have really enjoyed following your blog-you have so many talents.
      God’s Blessings.


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