Wednesday’s Wonderful Win

I was greeted with the greatest surprise this week. I won a wonderful gift basket from Story Cartel.

Story Cartel is one of the sites where I get books free in exchange for a review. I was automatically entered just for having reviewed for them, so you can imagine my astonishment when I was notified I won.

The basket was full of goodies, as befit its name: Reader’s Retreat in a Box.  Included in the lovely box was a bag of coffee (Yum),  tea (G’daughter said Yum), chocolate (we all said Yum!), a book (Oh, boy-more to read!), 3 journals (I really should start one!), a cute little faux book for hiding treasures (I really need this), a darling little teapot shaped tea bag holder (also needed), a gift certificate for Kindle books (YAY and YAY again-I can never have too many books-contrary to what my daughter believes!), more candy and a few more things. I am so thrilled.

If you are interested in learning more about Story Cartel, I have included two links below.

Basket story cartel           P.S. I know the sentence is long and not quite correct, but it accurately describes the event!


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