Monday Meanderings

The weather here is starting to feel a little fall like, at least in the mornings. Our temperatures are in the 50’s in the A.M. and the high 80’s in the P.M. and it’s not too unusual to hit the low 90’s.

When the weather starts to get cooler, I start wanting to hibernate. I also want to feel crisp autumn mornings and enjoy a fire roaring in the fireplace (alas, I don’t have one!), the smell of leaves burning and drink apple cider.

I will settle for sitting on the porch in the mornings with coffee, preferably flavored; that is if my hibernation instinct isn’t too strong!

Fall leaves

fireplace scene


7 thoughts on “Monday Meanderings

  1. Oh, wish I could be there with you on the porch (or you on mine)….sipping coffee and chatting…then maybe a nice walk in the brisk air. Would be lovely. I hope you are doing well, Sweetie!! Big hugs sent your way!

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  2. You paint wonderful word pictures and I can see myself sitting on outside enjoying a cup of hot cider too. (I’m sure you are a professional writer already right?)

    How exciting to discover that you are now following my blog – it’s an honor. I look forward to searching through yours and getting to know you better. I really enjoy your creativity and versatility. Blessings and friendship to you,


    • Wow, what a wonderful compliment.
      No, I’m not a published author yet but, I hope to someday be one.
      The honor is mine, thank you for following my blog.
      Congratulations on your published books, that must be a thrilling feeling.
      I was a military wife, too. However, we homesteaded. Hubs was in the 82nd JAG Corps and they didn’t want him to leave!
      I have travelled a lot, though. When we were younger we moved a lot-60+ times, in fact. We moved from one end of the US to the other, never outside the borders, though we did visit Mexico once when I was a tween.
      Looking forward to geting to know you, your blog and your books, better.
      God’s Blessings.

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