Friday Fiction

Sealed with a Kiss is a compilation of four Christian novellas from four different authors, Janet Tronstad, Margaret Daley, Camy Tang and Lacy Williams.

Janet Tronstad’s story is Mail Order Sunshine Bride. Eleanor “Nellie” O’Reilly and her four-year-old son, Danny, left Boston for the Montana Territory of Miles City. Nellie had responded to an ad for a mail order bride, writing that she had a disposition as warm as sunshine.

Elias Henderson was supposed to meet her and Danny when they arrived, however, the sheriff, Patrick MacDonald, met them at the train station. Without explaining anything, Patrick takes her and Danny to the jailhouse to live!

Where was Elias? What can she and Danny do? They have no money and no home, here or in Boston.  Can Nellie keep her “sunshine” disposition or will she need to give up in defeat?

Deadly Intent, by Margaret Daley, is the second novella. Sarah Osborn is a Texas Ranger and was the high school sweetheart of Ian O’Leary, an ex-FBI agent. Sarah had managed to avoid Ian for many years after he broke her heart. But now, she has to investigate the loss of Ian’s stallion while in the middle of a cattle rustling investigation.

Can Sarah stay focused on her dual investigations without letting past hurts bushwhack her? Is someone trying to kill him? Can Sarah save them both?

Camy Tang authors Unshakeable Pursuit, the third novella. Dr. Geoffrey Whelan and Nurse Maylin Kinley are working at their clinic one day when a mysterious woman tells them their lives are in danger. Both are unable to fathom a reason and are caught off guard when hit men attack them at the clinic.

How are they both involved? Who is targeting them and why? Can they save themselves along with others caught in the cross hairs of the nightmare?

With Love, Cowboy is the final novella, authored by Lacy Williams. Ashley Reynolds has been in the military for ten years and returns home as an injured veteran. Ryan Michaels is a cowboy who has loved Ashley, but never really let her know.

Can Ryan help Ashley overcome the obstacles she feels are limiting her? Will Ashley see Ryan for the person he is and not the “cowboy” she thinks he is? Can she forgive him for what she feels were sins of omission, even though he sent her numerous letters explaining?

Each novella was different and unique, providing enjoyable, light and fast-paced reading.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.





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