Saturday Silly

An older man becomes very ill. His son visits and decides he needs to see a doctor.

The man and his wife have farmed for all their married life and have only gone to the little city closest to them for supplies.

Since his Dad doesn’t have a Dr. the son takes him to the closest big city for a checkup. While there the father is amazed at all the “new fangled” things he sees. As they’re walking into the building, he father notices the elevator. The father, never having seen an elevator before, stands in front of it bewildered. While staring at it, an old lady walks up to it, pushes the button and the door opens. She walks inside and the door closes. The father watches as the lights for each floor light as it goes up. He continues to watch as the numbers go down again. Then the door opens and out walks a gorgeous blonde.

Suddenly, the father turns around and takes off running, the son can barely catch up to him. He finally reaches his father and asks why he’s running so fast. The father replies, “Son, I’m going to get your mama and put her in that there contraption!”older manBuildingRunner

woman going in elevatoryoung lady elevator


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