Monday Macrology

I will be taking a brief hiatus. I plan to post a few blogs here and there but not many. I know I cannot be responding to comments in a timely manner. (Please don’t be offended, I will get to them.)

Most of you have probably noticed my blogging has slowed down considerably. This is due to a myriad of reasons: my health and different procedures I am having, the busyness of summer and emotional strain.

I lost my Mom several years ago in July, on the anniversary of my assault. A double-whammy to say the least. Though time has helped tremendously on both fronts, July still remains a very, very tough time for me.

In addition, somehow, inexplicably, I have lost (overnight, no less) over 250 followers. I am hopeful that this is just a glitch and not a reflection of poor blogging!!!!!!! Can’t imagine they all decided at the same time to unfollow.  Who knows, not I for sure, but maybe they did.

Crying blog

Sick for blog


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