Friday’s Fiction

Pam, Book 3 of the Women of Valley View, by Sharon Srock, is a realistic story of hurt, betrayal and ultimate forgiveness.

Pam Lake, after four long years, has finally put the anger and bitterness of her husband’s betrayal and abuse behind her.  Pam has remarried, her children have adjusted to their stepfather and life has begun to resemble normal when a call from Pam’s ex-husband, Alan Archer, throws everyone into a tailspin.

Alan has remarried, too, and has decided to move back to Garfield, Oklahoma, with his new family. He has not only moved back, but has started going to the same church as Pam and the children. Life as Pam and her children know it will never be the same.

Pam begins to relive the bitterness, depression and rage left over from Alan’s abuse. The emotions spill over into the lives of her new husband and children, leaving wreckage in its wake.

The portrayal of angst, fury and confusion in the disrupted lives resonates with realism.  Pam deals with true to life people and gives a beautiful representation of the Christian life without lecturing or sermonizing.

I received this book from in exchange for an honest review.

I have a back procedure scheduled for today, I pre-scheduled my Saturday Silly but I may not be blogging for several days.


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