Saturday Silly

A pastor opened his mail one morning. He took a single sheet of paper from an envelope, and found written on it only one word: “Fool.”

The next Sunday, during church, he announced to the assembled congregation, “I have known many people who write letters to me and forget to sign their names.  But this week I received a letter from someone who signed their name but forgot to write a letter.”


19 thoughts on “Saturday Silly

  1. Pastor Roland Ledoux

    First, thanks Sister in Christ for stopping by my new blog, without people like you following the leading of the Holy Spirit, I would not find such wonderful inspiration and encouragement (and yes, humor) such as what you provide. I am going to be looking forward to reading much more of your offerings. I sure praise the Lord for such wonderful blessings and such gracious people as those I have recently found through this medium!!
    God bless you as you continue to serve (minister) to the Lord and to all who come through your blog! And may your continue to share your “son-shine” with all of us!!

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