Waxing Wordy Wednesday

Today we have our annual home inspection. (Several years ago we “fell” into the world of renters-with me metaphorically kicking and screaming all the way, hence the inspection.)

We have been so busy going through the things at my parents since my Dad passed away that our home has been severely neglected. In addition, more and more things keep finding there way to our house. They just jump into the car and wait for us to bring them home-I promise!

My parents were classic hoarders and if truth be told, I have some of those tendencies, too. My propensity is not to the extent of my Mom’s, but does present its own challenges.

Part of the problem in going through their things is multi-fold. To begin with, I had been taught (and taught well) to not TOUCH, or even think about touching, their personal belongings-so to go through everything felt like a violation of all my training. Moreover, there was sooooooooooo much stuff with trash intermingled with treasure. And, I mean, literal trash. For instance, there would be old used paper plates mixed with family pictures.

I think, toward the end of Mom’s life, she just gave up and started throwing things into any convenient container.

Because we were also trying to find my Dad’s insurance paperwork and preserve things for my siblings, too, the task has been quite daunting.

*Side Note* We found Dad’s insurance after months of looking. It was a retirement benefit, from his employer, but the company went bankrupt several months before he died and “forgot” to inform the policyholders they needed to pick up their own premiums to keep it in force.

Anyway, all this has led me to really think about these verses in Matthew 6:19-21 (KJV): 19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:  20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

I want my treasures and heart to long after God and Godly  things and not man-made or given things, but every now and then my heart aches for earthly treasures, especially those my parents spent almost 60 years making.

I know, though, that the next generation has no desire for any of these things I consider treasures, and they obviously are not going with me so. . .

It is sometimes really, really hard for me to let go of some of their things. Plus, I know as soon as I finish, turn the key to lock the door and give the key to the mortgage company, my last real tie to my parents is gone.

So, we are frantically cleaning, dusting and trying to find a place where there is little to no room to find a place and generally running around like chickens with their heads cut off. (With deep apologies to sweet Skye, for that analogy!) And, of course, in the midst of all this, I decide to “wax wordy!” Cleaning lady


8 thoughts on “Waxing Wordy Wednesday

  1. oh my!!!!! Perish the thought!!!! 🙂 I so wish I could be there to help you in anyway I could. Big hugs….much, much love!! You are in my prayers and thoughts. I know what this feels like. It is hard. ❤ I am always here if you need a friend.


  2. How this seems to bring back so many memories of having to do the same… I found a pill tube in my Dad’s drawer and wondered why he would have had these pills hidden so that I’m sure even he would have had trouble finding it… the diameter of the tube was just big enough to fit a R2 coin into and this tube had been filled with coins enough to have bought them a meal at a restaurant… probably saved over time for a special occasion but forgotten or lost… they were also hoarders that took so much effort not to take it all home with me… some how tossing it away made me feel I was throwing their memories away… great post.. thought provoking…


    • Oh, Bulldog, I know what you mean, it is almost traumatizing.
      How odd, my Dad saved coins in pill bottles, too (We found quite a few). Mom saved her few jewelry pieces in pill bottles.
      It’s kind of sad that all our lives are spent running the rat race, if we would just slow down a little. . .
      Thanks for your comment, it helps knowing I’m not alone in feeling like I’m throwing away their memories.
      God’s Blessings.


  3. My grandparents were classic hoarders, so I understand that on so many levels. I’m sure you slowly proceeded in your process. It would be a very good thing, though probably very hard as you went forward. I can only imagine the nostalgia and the need to do this thing warring….
    Did you manage it?


    • We actually still aren’t finished!
      Most of that due to some medical issues I needed to address and kept putting off. Prayerfully, it will be completed before the middle of July.
      Thank you for commenting-it helps knowing I’m not so alone in the process. I will still break down on occasion when I happen across something very sentimental, when not expecting it to be where it is.
      God’s Blessings and Happy Fourth!!


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