Tuesday’s Tale

“In the beginning comes the end.” So begins Sidetracked by Brandilyn Collins, a fast-paced, brisk mystery sure to keep you turning the pages until you have read the entire book.

Delanie Miller is on her way home from the bridal shower of her friend, Clara Ann Crenshaw, when she sees a shadow near the neighbors’ bushes, a large shadow.  As Delanie slows, the person runs off and Delanie stares at the road ahead only to see something-someone- in the road.  She hesitantly gets out of her car and goes toward the person, but she already knows who it is before she gets to her-Clara.

“A silent scream wracked my head.  No, no, no!”

“But deep within I knew.  Death had followed me.”

Sidetracked careens between Delanie Miller’s events in the present and Laura Denton’s in the past, effectively explaining why Delanie was forced to reinvent her life.

Brandilyn Collins never uses the emergency brakein Sidetracked.  Asthe book travels back and forth between the “women,” you have the feeling of being on a runaway train.  Then the book levels out and you are able to catch your breath, before the next runaway.

I was familiar with Brandilyn Collins but had never read one of her books so I was excited to read Sidetracked.  I was not disappointed.

*Disclaimer* I feel, in the interest of those like myself that suffer from PTSD, that I should advise you about portions of the book. There are multiple sections of a graphic nature, describing two murders and the prosecution of one of them.

I was provided this book by http://www.bookfun.org/ in exchange for my honest review.

Train sidetracked2



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