Tuesday’s Tale

The Sinners’ Garden is another captivating book by William Sirls, filled with love, faith and mercy, felt not only by the characters but also by the readers.

Andy Kemp is an embittered teen, fed up with his Mom and everything she represents.

Judi, Andy’s single Mom, has been believing and living as if she were a victim since Andy was just a toddler.

Gerald Ripley, known as Rip, is a convicted felon who tries to guide and mentor his nephew, Andy.

Heather Gerisch is the small town cop and best friend to Judi.

Benning Township, where they live, houses a lot of secrets.  Its mysteries include the unsolved murder of Heather’s father; the so-called “Summer Santa” who leaves money, grocery gift cards and other gifts to the local poor; the way Andy’s I-Pod “speaks” to and through him; and a lush garden “magically” appearing in the middle of a derelict, broken down factory parking lot.

William Sirls is a master at intrigue and fantasy, wrapping his characters in a believable and heartwarming story of redemption, faith and God’s holiness. He challenges us to believe and accept the suggestion of God’s miracles occurring, even in modern times. (And, why not, since God is the same yesterday, today and forever?)

I received this book from http://www.bookfun.org/ in exchange for an honest review.


garden at facctory


4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tale

    • It is an interesting book. I think I liked his 1st book better (The Reason) but this one is good, too. They both make you think and question the norm.
      Thanks for coming by.
      I checked out your blog and am now following.


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