Tuesday’s Tale

William Sirls has masterfully penned his debut novel, The Reason.  Be prepared for laughter and tears.

Extraordinary, surprising and amazing are just three adjectives that are not even adequate to begin describing Sirls’ first novel. I normally do not give out 5 star ratings. I feel the book has to be profound and make a huge impact on me to get 5 stars; otherwise, the 5 stars become meaningless as a tool.  The Reason rates its 5 stars.

The Reason begins with a storm that destroys the cross in front of St. Thomas, a small-impoverished church in Michigan. From there the story never lets you go. James Lindy is the church’s minister.  He is blind and along with his wife, Shirley, he helps care for their mute and physically challenged adult son, Charlie.

Brooke Thomas and Alex, her son, were “adopted” by the Lindy’s.

After a providential meeting with Brooke, Dr. Macey Lewis, oncologist at East Shore Hospital, volunteers to spearhead a group to repair the cross.

After church one Sunday, the group assembles to repair the cross. During the process, one of the men is slightly injured. He walks down the hill, to the home of the pastor, where the women are gathered.

Kenneth, a carpenter working on the addition at East Shore Hospital, miraculously repairs the cross while the man is gone.

The only “witnesses” to the repair are Jim, who is blind, and Charlie, who is mute.

How did Kenneth repair a completely destroyed wooden cross with no help? And why does Kenneth exhort everyone to “Only Believe?”

The Reason will test your faith, open your eyes and leave you marveling at God’s ability.

I received this book from http://www.bookfun.org/ in exchange for an honest review. Cross hit 2


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