Fleeing France

The Pelican Bride (Gulf Coast Chronicles Book#1) by Beth White is a richly detailed and intricately written novel.

Beth White weaves little known Southern history, specifically Alabama and Louisiana, into multiple, detailed plot lines intertwining real historical figures with fictional.

As you can probably guess, The Pelican Bride is not your typical historical romance novel.

Set in 1704, the story centers on Genevieve Gillian and her sister Aimee. Genevieve is fleeing France on the frigate Pelican (hence the name Pelican brides) to avoid religious persecution and taking her sister with her. They had agreed to become, in essence, mail order brides in order to leave France.

Upon arrival at Massacre Island on Mobile Bay, Genevieve quickly realizes nothing there is as she was told or expected.  Conditions are even more primitive than anticipated for the sisters and the potential husbands to be are rude and uncouth.

Determined to make the best of the situation, Genevieve quickly establishes herself and her sister at the local boarding house and begins her journey to make a new home for them.

At the end of the book, Mrs. White gives us more history and information on how the characters came to be, and recommends books intrinsic to that era.

An out of the ordinary and intriguing story I would highly recommend to any history buff.

I received this book from http://www.bookfun.org/  in exchange for an honest review.



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