Monday Musing

There have been a lot of deaths in our family (ies) lately. February alone saw three.

Even though I know, pets and other animals are not the same as humans; they can get under your skin and become a part of your family.

We had a beautiful cat show up at our house Thursday. It curled up in a soft chair we have outside and seemed to be chilling. We knew something was wrong though because it barely moved when we passed it by. I prayed mightily for the poor thing.

This cat did not become a part of our family. I noticed on Friday it seemed to be weakening and put some food out for it. Nevertheless, it passed away.

I have had so many struggles lately, and the cat seemed to me to be a symbol of all that’s been happening. In addition, when it died, I cried buckets. I am even now, as I write this, and I didn’t even know the cat.

There is a medicine I have been taking for close to 10 years. Originally, the prescription was for PTSD, depression and anxiety.  As time went on and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a myriad of other physical maladies, it was an antidote for those, too.

I noticed, however, that I have been having a lot of weird, strange and bothersome (translated painful) symptoms-all random and without logic.

I decided to start investigating the medicine.

WOW, double, triple and higher WOW.

This drug is insidious. There have been NO trials on long-term effects. The manufacturer even lied about parts of the minuscule, virtually non-existent trial studies. Still the FDA approved it for consumption.

Now that it has been on the market for 10 +/- years, people are discovering more and more disconcerting and unsettling information. In fact, one forum I found had several Drs’ comments and without fail, they said this was a sinister, ominous and evil drug.

The really bad part is the withdrawal-it causes psychosis, severe depression, severe pain and lots and lots of other symptoms with no way to alleviate or mitigate them. So, guess what? I came off and brother what a pain-literally and figuratively.

Instantly, I started having horrible, horrible symptoms and MAJOR depression manifestations.

So, the poor cat dying was sort of the last straw. It didn’t help that just before that I received a copy of a DVD memorial of my Dad—I picked a bad time to quit!

I am having an extremely terrible time. I want to scream, hit things and break something. I am trying HARD not to let things get the best of me.

So, dear friends (and a few laughing enemies!) I am going to pour myself into my blog-get ready for a real, raw, random and hilarious ride.



About RobbyeFaye

An avid reader, homemaker and grandmother. I try to be as real, honest and thought provoking as possible. My blog is primarily devoted to book reviews, but at times it has stretched and grown, as it ebbs and flows with me. However, I still read a lot and review the books I read. Loving life and Jesus Christ.
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