A Visit

I’m going to my sister’s to visit my Dad. He’s been in the hospital and/or rehab now pretty much since August. He went to visit with my sister and her family and planned to be home way before now.

I don’t want to think anything will happen to him but he is having a very hard time recuperating.

While I am gone, g’daughter and Hubs will try to update. However, if you don’t hear anything then assume no news is good news.

Those of you who pray, please pray for my Dad and family during this time.



New Year!

We are into the second week of the new year and I have finally crawled out of bed long enough to feel more alive.

The flu really hit us (me, especially) hard. Top it off with the fact that I completely let my flu shot slide this year. .  .

I was “knocked out” by the flu early Christmas morn. I felt funny, told everyone I was going to take a nap and don’t remember much of anything until a day or so ago.

Feast Christmas

On Christmas Day, my lovely family prepared the traditional meal. They also visited and took gifts to a group of disabled adults that have no family or way home for the holidays. I am so proud of them.

Presents fix it

G’daughter had her first college classes on Wednesday and blew everyone away with the announcement that she was only 16! She said they would all watch their tongues more. GOOD! A lot of people need to do that regardless of who is around.


My resolutions are all blown out of the water or alternately, I guess I could  say I’m only 2 weeks behind!!!