My Graphics

Just a short quick blog (I hope).

Praying everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Ours was small and quiet but still nice. We’ve lost so many the last few years.

I love to create, the graphics I do bring me much joy, and I feel they help illustrate my blog thoughts.

I have recently had what I count as constructive (won’t believe it was destructive!) criticism on my use of graphics.

The comments have ranged from “Cute, love them,” to “Cheesy-distracting!” and just about everything in between.

I try to make them relevant and color match them to my blog. A lot of them have frames and I have no idea how they get there or how to remove them!

If they are too distracting, I want to stop using them but if they’re not I want to continue. Any help with this dilemma will be appreciated.



2 thoughts on “My Graphics

  1. I love adding my own photos to my devotional blog. I try and tie the photos into what I am speaking about. It is your blog, you need to think of it as your home. Make it suit your personality. You will never be able to please everyone. I think your blog is great. I love visiting your “home”.


    • Skye, thanks for the helpful comment.
      My graphics sometimes take me hours to get just what I want designed and or re-designed, I really pour my heart into some.
      I wish I had a decent camera to take photos, too. Though I’m sure they could never equal the beauty of yours! You have a great eye for beauty. (Not surprising really, considering how beautiful you are.)
      Much love sent your way.
      God’s blessings.


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