Heart Piercing Conviction

Our home church, as many others have told about, also has Operation Christmas.

G’daughter started saving her money to buy a bicycle when she was around five years old. At the time, there were numerous great-aunts, cousins, and various other relatives alive that were more than happy to “help” her. Most of them just gave her a dollar here and there and others, like her mean old g’parents, made her earn the money.

By the time the Christmas season had rolled around, she had an impressive $40 and change.

We knew that year (like this year) would be very, very lean and for the holidays, we had to be especially frugal to avoid the situation of more month at the end of the money.

During this time frame, our church kicked off Operation Christmas. I’m not sure, why that year she was interested more than usual, but she was.

She campaigned for more money until she had $50 and at that point wanted us to take her to the different discount stores so she could see what was available and where the lowest prices were. We visited umpteen stores that touted themselves as having the lowest prices in town. We live in a small town so there were not a lot of options. She also wanted to sponsor boys because she felt most people had less trouble thinking of gifts for girls.

After we visited all the stores, she consulted her notes and we went back and got the gifts she wanted at the different stores with the lowest prices.

The last store on our list was a large store with “lowest prices” that everyone would recognize. As we got in line and she was checking off the gift list, she looked up at us and announced, “You need to sponsor some children, too.”

We quietly explained that we were helping by giving her money to make up the difference in the $40 plus and the taxes.

By this time, we were at the conveyor belt and began unloading the gifts. She very solemnly looked at us, put her hands on her hips and declared, “You always say, God provides. He will this time, too.” Then she turned to the cashier and said, “Right? Right.”

Pierced, broken and convicted heart!

We didn’t have $5, much less $50, but she kept on along with enlisting the cashier until we finally said, “OK, we’ll put these in the car then come back and get gifts for another child.”

So, we did. I’d love to say we reaped a multitude of HUGE blessings but we didn’t. But we did have a nice holiday season and had as much money as there was month left.

Philippians 4:19

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Big boy presentGirl presentChild and present
Girl gift



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