Well, she didn’t look like either picture I envisioned. She looked more like this one:After GradVery solemn and sedate on the outside, a trembling bundle of nerves on the inside.

She didn’t get the scholarship. The kid who got it apparently attained the highest score they’d ever had there (and I know hers was high).

We still have time for more scholarship searching, though.

Poor thing was so very nervous. She has extreme anxiety and wasn’t really wanting to go.

We found out it was one of the smallest graduating classes, so we thought, “Great, she would be fine and no major worries.”

OH, WOW, was that the WRONG answer.

There were 99 graduates, of which she was the very youngest. And ONLY about 400 to 500 family members, no biggie for someone with anxiety and panic attacks, right?

She nearly hit her panic button, which would cause her to run when she saw how many people were there to enjoy the ceremony.  To top it off, they wouldn’t let us go back and help with her gown and cap. But, she persevered plus made a couple of friends that kept her laughing until they lined up for the march across the stage. Now she is very, very proud of herself. (None of the rest of us are very proud of her, course I’ve got an oceanview property for sale in Arizona, too!)

She told us we owed her a meal at Olive Garden for her working up the nerve to go and for following through with the whole ceremony. I’d say that’s probably the least we can do!



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