Pumpkin Cupcakes and Complacency

We made pumpkin cupcakes the other day. I needed help with the frosting and asked for he who shall remain unnamed to help me.

Problem was, I was mixing and stirring the ingredients diligently but the frosting wasn’t coming together. I added a little more butter and still nothing but sugar-it just wouldn’t turn into frosting. I questioned several times if that was all the directions said and though assured, most vehemently the last time, that “Yes that was all!” it was NOT WORKING!

I decided to skip the never-ending stirring of powdered sugar in the quest of frosting and read the directions myself. You guessed it, there was more, only not in line with the first part. I added the 2 teaspoons of waster and lo and behold-pumpkin frosting appeared! I completed the frosting, frosted the cupcakes and though they were very buttery flavored they were still good.

This reminded me of our Christian life in so many ways.

We have the basics of what to do and how to lead our life and we go on day by day trying to get it to come together. We think perhaps if we add a little more kindness to the mix it will work. (Or humility, or love or whatever else we struggle with.) Very seldom thinking of the instruction book God gave us in the form of the Bible.

I’m not saying we don’t read our Bible or pray over what we have read. Instead, I am saying that in our normal day-to-day living we seldom consider making true adjustments to what we are doing incorrectly. Because let’s face it, slightly powdery frosting is still sweet, right? It’s just not quite, what we or anyone else was expecting.



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