So Far Behind-So Far To Go


After an extended stay in the hospital and rehab, my Dad is now recuperating at my sister’s.

As many of you know, my father was recently admitted to the hospital with a TIA (a precursor or warning sign before a possible stroke). Dad was also dehydrated and put on IV fluids. However, they ran the IV’s over too many days and caused him to have a stroke, a heart attack and pneumonia.

The Dr thinks the TIA may have been triggered by his being run over last year. He said it is not uncommon to have a stroke a year or more after a severe head injury.

This time, unlike any other, when Dad was in the hospital and again at rehab he wanted me to stay with him virtually 24/7. I stayed with him as much as I possibly could. However with having a home, family and other commitments to care for this was not easy and as a result, things sort of fell apart.

So here I sit today with the shambles of my house almost cared for and other things still fallen apart.

I am seriously considering a sabbatical until after the holidays so I can catch my breath and get back on track.


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Book Reviews Coming

I’m way behind on reviews.

Dad is wanting 24 hour attendance and even though I can’t be there that long, I’m trying to stay as long as possible.

I will try to get my reviews up in the next day or two.

Thanks for the prayers, they mean so much and help me more than you can know.