Time-I Need More Time

I know I’m not the only one that feels they never have enough time.

Lately I’ve met myself coming and going and now I’m paying for it. I have an URI and sinus infection; have been ordered to rest, and to not visit my very sick Father for a few days. A precaution so I won’t infect him, if this is indeed bacterial and not viral. We caught it early so lab results could be inaccurate.

I’ve had to let the blog, along with house cleaning and a myriad of other things fall by the wayside due to all the things currently going on in my life.



7 thoughts on “Time-I Need More Time

    • Thank you so much Skye, I really, seriously need all the prayers I can get.
      The Dr has said I can’t be around him for the next few days-so DH has stepped in, between work and everything else he does, too.
      Dad’s not happy about it, he’s really scared. I’ve never in all my years seen him this scared, it makes things a little scarier for me because I know he knows his body much better than the DR’s.


      • I am going to stop writing right now and lift you both up in prayer. I know he knows his body better than the doctors…I fully believe that, but God knows his body even better still. Let’s cover him in prayers for His peace to enter into your father until you can get to him. I will continue in that way.

        I will also be praying for your health…that you are able to be around him soon.

        Please let me know how you are both doing if you think about it. I promise to stand in prayer in the coming days. Many hugs..much love sent your way.


        • Thank you, thank you. Your response brought tears to my eyes because you are so right – God Does Know Dad’s body better than anyone.
          What a beautiful and thoroughly kind person you are; I am thanking God for your friendship and prayers.


          • I just sat and prayed for awhile, and will do so again before bed in a few minutes. You do not need to thank me, I believe I was sent to your blog for just such a reason, and it is an honor to call you friend! 🙂

            I was thinking, under my blog post for today, “Wonderful Wednesday” under each picture, I have a link to a Christian song. Maybe if you sit and listen to one or two, it may help to calm your spirit before sleeping (although, I do not know where you are, so it may be mid day where you are). Either way, it may help.

            Please keep in touch. Again, much love sent your way!


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