Prayer Request

Please be praying for my Dad. He was admitted to the hospital last night, not sure what’s wrong but his hasn’t been himself lately and I have had a hard time getting him to eat properly. (We have been taking him food but he just doesn’t want to eat.)

praying hands

I’ll be offline for a while as we try to care for him, his house and our family, too.

Thank you so much.




3 thoughts on “Prayer Request

    • Thank you so much. He apparently had a TIA then stroke. He can’t walk, has trouble seeing and is very, very depressed.
      They are sending him to rehab Tuesday so we’ll know a little more in about his physical limitations in the next week.
      Thank you for the prayer and prayers.


  1. Thank you, Robbye, for the update. It is so hard on men to loose their independence even briefly. He needs prayer not to loose hope so he can regain what has been lost. Your family needs to be upheld, too, so that you don’t get worn out…

    Blessings (& prayer) ~ Wendy


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