Prayer Request

Please be praying for my Dad. He was admitted to the hospital last night, not sure what’s wrong but his hasn’t been himself lately and I have had a hard time getting him to eat properly. (We have been taking him food but he just doesn’t want to eat.)

praying hands

I’ll be offline for a while as we try to care for him, his house and our family, too.

Thank you so much.




Elusive Sleep

I have been having some real struggles lately. More like convictions, really, if I were honest about what has been going on in my life.

I have NEVER EVER (with GREAT emphasis on never ever) been a morning person.

I love sunrises; sometimes they are too beautiful for words even; but I would rather enjoy them from pictures or gazing out the window from the comfort of my bed.

When I worked, I was always stretching the last minute out to 2 or 5 or 10. . .  I was always on time-just barely-but on time nonetheless. Since the assault, I have not been working outside the home and therein lies the problem.

It is next to impossible to care for my g’daughter, help to home-school her, take care of all the myriad things around the house and not get up early. However, it is almost impossible for me to do.

I have a horrible case of insomnia dating back to my wee childhood days and as the years and stresses have passed it gets progressively worse. For instance, last night I did not fall asleep until about 4 AM. (I woke up around 9 AM and just could not get moving well til about 10.) I try to sleep and cannot, so I give up and get up. I’ll read til I’m so sleepy I can barely stand it, but the second I’m in bed, I’m wide awake again. I will be so very tired sometimes my body will twitch in exhaustion and still I am wide awake. I try not to do things that wake others or me up too much like being on the computer or vacuuming ( : >} )

Nothing seems to help. I have tried sleeping pills (both prescription and over the counter) and all they do is make me groggy but I am still awake or alternately I will sleep for about 3-4 hours then I am even more awake. I have tried exercise during the day and still sleep eludes me. I very seldom nap so that is not the problem with not being able to sleep.

The thing is, this affects every other area of my life, too. I am grouchy, even less patient than my usually impatient self and utterly, physically bone weary.

So OK, that is nice I guess, but what about the conviction part you are probably asking.

Here’s the thing, as I have my daily devotions and bible study, I keep finding verses about being lazy and WOW. There’s:

Proverbs 6:9   How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep?

Or even worse:

Proverbs 31:10, 15   Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. 15 She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.

Proverbs 10:5   He that gathereth in summer is a wise son: but he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame.

Proverbs 19:15   Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; and an idle soul shall suffer hunger.

Proverbs 20:13   Love not sleep, lest thou come to poverty; open thine eyes, and thou shalt be satisfied with bread.

OK, so I am not trying to beat you over the head with my findings and I am not trying to preach but there are a lot more verses along those same lines and not all in the Old Testament or Proverbs.

There you have it! My struggles, and now my convictions, stem from staying up LATE at night and sleeping late in the morning.

daytime sleep

From 3/10/12

A Thankful Heart


Have you ever known or had someone close to you (or maybe been the person yourself) that gripes and grouses about everything? Literally EVERYTHING?

There is someone (not in my immediate family) that is never, ever happy with anything.  If you get them a present-you paid too much or it wasn’t what they wanted, if you take them out to eat-it takes too long to be seated or tastes lousy, if you clean their house-you didn’t sweep up all the dirt or remember to clean the front porch, if you do their laundry-you used too much detergent or not enough, etc.

You get the picture-there is ALWAYS something wrong.

It took me a long, long time to realize that the complaining and grousing was not really about what was or wasn’t right, it was about the complainer not being happy with themselves.  This inherent unhappiness clouds everything and makes it impossible to see the good.

How sad.  There are so many things to be happy about in the above-mentioned situations and when you are on the receiving end of all the complaining and negativity it is really hard to want to continue with giving the person your time, energy and gifts.

I can’t truthfully say I haven’t fallen victim to negative thoughts and emotions so this isn’t a condemnation of the previously mentioned person.   It’s more of a warning, mostly to myself.  I am around this person almost daily and it is very easy for my depressed prone, health challenged, physically worn out self to fall into the negative, ungrateful trap.

I’m choosing to try, starting today, to be more grateful and rely on the following verses to encourage me to be grateful and to love others.  Even though the person isn’t my enemy (as referenced in two of the following verses), I plan to still give gifts, as I’m able.

Psalm 118:24 This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Proverbs 25:21, 22 If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink: For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the Lord shall reward thee.

Romans 12:20, 21 Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.


Today’s blog unfortunately is short and not so sweet, for me anyway.

I have terrible knees. Knees that should have been replaced many years ago but because of young age and other factors, they haven’t been.

Well, those poor knees are worse off today as I fell on them. I am OK, just sore all over from knees to palms of my hands to ankles and shoulders.

I’m praying and hoping with some med’s and rest I’ll be fine come the beginning of the week.

God’s Blessing and a great weekend to everyone.


Degrees of Separation

I am not sure what got me to thinking about this the other day; I attribute it to the blog I read: Please bear with me as I explain.

I remembered a game going around some years ago (and may still be for all I know since I had never played it) about the 6 Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon. I had always thought it a crazy notion and never paid attention to it, but the Lord revealed something about it to me in a dream a few nights ago.

By the way, the following is true; however, I had forgotten about the incident until the Lord jogged my memory in a dream.

When I was younger my family traveled from Texas to Alabama and Georgia every year on vacation to see family (in fact, we were caught in the middle of a Martin Luther King march in Birmingham one time and on another trip we were in the middle of a race riot as we went through Birmingham. I’ll save those for later stories).

I remember when I was a little older going to a George Wallace Campaign event. And, this is where the 6 Degrees comes into play. At the event, Tex Ritter played as an opener or closer-cannot remember which. As you know John Ritter is Tex Ritter’s son, I met Tex (and maybe even John for all I know, I was too young to know or even really have a clue who he or most of the others were).  John Ritter’s Jason Ritter’s daddy and at this point, I have to reallystretch  to get the next degree, but Jason Ritter and Kevin Bacon both have been in Friday the Thirteenth movies, albeit not at the same time.

Now I know you are asking yourself, “So?” because I know I would be.

The Lord laid upon my heart the difference in degrees from Him between believers and unbelievers.

For the believers there is no Degree of Separation from our Lord. We can call on Him, talk to Him, read about Him and have a glorious relationship with Him. But, alas, our unbelieving friends, family and those we are acquainted with have an INFINITE amount of separation from Him. How sad and convicting this should be for us as Christians as we look across the field just waiting for harvest.

Matthew 9:37, 38 Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.

Luke 10:2 Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.

Revelation 14:15 And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe.

Rebellion . . . Stubbornness

I have many Bibles at home, scattered from room to room. I have an archaeological reference Bible, a side-by-side comparison version, many mini Bibles, a teenage version I won when I was 14 or 15 at VBS for memorizing the most verses and several others. But, my favorite by far is my KJV given to my DH and me when we married.

I do not like to write in books, highlight, underline, make notes, turn down corners or get books dirty. My books look as nice after I have read them as they did in the bookstore-except my KJV.  It is written in, highlighted, underlined and has tons of notes in the margins, not to mention little scraps of paper with additional notes tucked inside it. It is quite literally falling apart, the front pages are missing and the cover is in pieces, but my KJV is still my favorite to read.

I reached for it Sunday and it fell open to a section in 1st Samuel. Even though this was not what I had planned to read, I decided to anyway.

1 Samuel 15:23:

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being king.

Wow, talk about conviction on many, many levels!

I realized not only was I rebellious but by being lax with my g’daughter and allowing her to rebel and be stubborn and by not addressing the offense, I was causing her to sin in a much more profound way than I ever imagined.

I, like most adults, figured all teens go through some type of rebellion and stubbornness, so I will on many occasions let it slide.

I am not doing her any favors.

The Lord really helped me to realize that her rebellion and stubbornness towards me was also how my rebellion and stubbornness was toward Him.

I constantly struggle with trust and will turn something over to God only to turn around and take it back. My stubbornness and fear does not let me let go.

Several times in the Bible the Lord says, “Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.” So I will cling to this through my feeble human attempts to trust the Lord and relinquish my rebellion and stubbornness.


Big Favor, Please Read

Hi, I don’t normally do this and probably never will again, but I have a favor to ask each of you.

If you are on Facebook, could you go to this site:

and vote for my G’daughter? (The things we’ll do for our g’kids ; )) If she gets the most votes she wins. Of course she is really exited and hopes to win. The contest runs until approximately 3 PM on Thursday. Winner announced at 5:30.

The picture was taken at The Sweet Tooth in Ocracoke, North Carolina while she and her Mom were there vacationing recently. She thought the picture very appropriate for a dentist’s contest.

We Be Big: The Mostly True Story of How We Became Rick & Bubba

Intro from We Be Big: The Mostly True Story of How We Became Rick & Bubba (with the assistance of best-selling and award-winning author Don Keith).  Rick and Bubba are two HIGHLY unlikely radio broadcasters telling everyone about their lives, families, and friends and not cutting anyone any slack. One of their overriding themes is “if it happened, we tell it”.  Both the good and the bad giving everyone a glimpse of their lives at its most real, even when the telling is painful.

I have been somewhat aware of Rick and Bubba since moving to Alabama so I knew a small part of their history but since I only listen to the radio when driving and I don’t have television, the book We Be Big fills in some of the blanks.

We Be Big, taken from their 800 number, is written with alternating chapters from first Rick and then Bubba’s perspective.

The story starts with their younger days and their fascination with walkie-talkies and radios.

Rick discovered at a young age that he loved being in the limelight in any way that was available to him. He states it was not from lack of love however, just his own insatiable desire to be “on stage” and number one in all his endeavors. Bill “Bubba” was more fascinated with the makings and mechanical aspect of things and continued in this field until he became co-DJ with Rick.

Throughout the book, each one tells of how they felt led through every experience of their lives to become who they are now.

Rick and Bubba speak plainly when telling how their faith in God and God’s divine guidance brought them to where they are, many times in unknown and mysterious ways until they looked back at all that happened and could see His hand leading them. Both have a deep and abiding faith in God and even after having experienced unbelievable loss; their faith carries them through each day and each unabashedly give God the thanks for bringing them to where they are presently.

The book is not a religious book however. It is a fun, though realistic and sometimes gritty look at their lives from childhood to now.

Be prepared to take the time to read We Be Big at one sitting because once you start, the frequent laughter and occasional tears will keep you reading to the end.

I really enjoyed this book on many levels and would recommend it for anyone wanting to read a refreshingly honest and open book, especially if you are familiar with Rick and Bubba.

I was given this book by Blogging for Books from Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for a

Revision from May 2, 2011

Google’s Getting Between You And Your Customers

Important information to know about the new G-mail e-mail inbox.

Small Food Business

small business google appsGoogle’s recent ‘Tab’ addition to Gmail was initially celebrated until some folks started realizing that the newsletters they were sending out – the newsletters their customers had opted into – were being categorized under the ‘Promotions’ tab.  Not surprisingly, people spend most of the time in their ‘Primary’ tab which meant these emails were being left unopened.  (This might also explain why, if you subscribe to the Small Food Business newsletter, you haven’t see it yet today even though it was due to be sent out at 10:30a EST).  So how do you remedy this?

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