From my old blog: Shards of Memories

Conversation with G’Daughter

Years ago she told us she was practicing to be a bum. Tonight she enlightened me a little on her journey to fulfill her goal.

Seems the g’daughter loves to play games on the computer, which isn’t really news. But, what is, is the fact she doesn’t always like to be real involved with the game or deal with the people sometimes.

She’s come up with the perfect (translated: lazy way) solution, Instead of playing she goes to a site like YouTube and watches others play. This way she feels like she’s playing without all the work involved. Problem solved!

And Now I Know!

Very funny and strange conversation with the kid yesterday.

Found out she’s practicing to become a bum at 30.

Must say some of her habits i.e., room cleaning, shows she’s getting PLENTY of practice, and won’t be lacking in some areas!


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