From Shards of Memories-Gingerbread Houses in July!

MONDAY, JULY 27, 2009

We bought a gingerbread house kit on sale approx 18 months ago, and it was promptly and dutifully packed down for the next Christmas. After all, the expiration was 18 months away and surely we would be using it for Christmas the next year.

Well, surely we did not, LOL!

We found it while sorting through some boxes recently. Yesterday we decided to put it together. We had a lot of fun until Lexie’s friend called and wanted to play. At that point we only had the basic structure iced together.

I must say in fairness to Lexie, I don’t really blame her for skipping out on me. Poor thing hasn’t gotten to play outside for about a month and a half now.

Anyway, off she goes, pleading with me to finish.

I did, and learned many things along the way regarding gingerbread houses. First and foremost, don’t EVER believe the instructions. I very logically and carefully followed the directions only to find they did not work!

I was instructed to put the house together and THEN make outlines in frosting of the doors and windows. Wrong, Wrong, WRONG – because once the structure is together and roof is on, you can’t get to the area to pipe the outlines without making a mess all over you and the house.

Now, I’m not discounting that this might be the intent; most people, kids especially, really like frosting. But none of my kids, nor my g’daughter really care for it.

I however Really, REALLY like frosting!

I guess you can see where this is going. Every mess HAD to be cleaned up, right?

So, here I am, dripping icing everywhere including all over myself, no help in sight, and eating all the icicles that won’t stay on.

BTW, icicles that fall off gingerbread houses, sound a lot like icicles falling off houses in the South.

In the South you seldom have icicles and usually when you do, they aren’t completely solid to begin with, so when they fall they make sort of a light thump sound. Just like icing icicles.

Now, up North, I’ve heard icicles fall that rattled windows for miles, shook pictures off the wall and made you feel like you were in an earthquake! (OK, I know this is a sliiiiiiiiiiiiight exaggeration, but they are humongo, ginormous things that have been known to impale people and THAT is NO exaggeration!

In any case, I finished the house in time for her to come back and decide she really liked it. Except, well maybe, here and here and…. Well, you get the picture. And with that segue. . . here’s the picture of the completed (more or less) gingerbread house.

So, what do you think? Remember, too, please this is the first time I’ve been able to finish one because they were always eaten during the making before, after all, they didn’t want the frosting!



Free? Or “Safe”?

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Lessons by Heart

After the festering wounds healed and the swelling subsided, I discovered that the handcuffs and shackles that kept me bound all my life easily slipped off my hands and ankles.

Nevertheless, I kept pulling them back on like bangles that wouldn’t stay put; I wore them like prized jewelry.

Tazein Mirza Saad wrote an article yesterday. Her post began with this quote from

“Your past is just a story.

And once you realize this,

it has no power over you.

After I read what she had to say, I had to ask myself why I insist on clinging to my bonds. After all, “big” people no longer have the power to do the unthinkable to me. I am under no obligation to maintain a relationship with people who verbally abuse me or want to manipulate me for selfish reasons. Friends who abandoned me have been replaced with true ones.


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Continued from Shards of Memories

First off I have to say, that it was strange signing into my blog and seeing my Mother’s pic! I forgot we posted pics in memory of our Moms on Facebook. Wow, did it bring the tears.

Well, I discovered a strange phenomenon, or maybe it’s just me over analyzing things again. But, I’ve noticed that when I’m not feeling well (which is all too frequently anymore) that if I’m fixing a meal I tend to grab the plastic type dinnerware (not disposable kind) instead of the china/ceramic and when I’m feeling better I grab the china/ceramic.

Now, if it was disposable it would make sense, but it’s not. Moreover, since I’m the primary cook and bottle washer around here, I’m perplexed as to why I do it. We don’t have a dish-washing machine so everything is hand washed.  Any ideas?

BTW, for anyone (anybody??) wondering it wasn’t that easy. A couple of days later it was back to the same old same old. So much for the honeymoon. She’s wanting to add pink streaks now. Thinking it might be worth it if for no other reason than a second honeymoon, LOL.

PS. We now have a dishwasher!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!

Prelude to Purple Hair (from Shards of Memories)

Our household’s been struggling lately with typical teenage angst from a typical teenager that very loudly PROTESTS she is NOT a typical teenager. Along with this has also come the typical tantrums, disrespect, loud mouth, sarcastic, back talking, eye-rolling. . . Well, I’m sure you get the picture. And this one has her eye-rolling down so well, that it takes me a few seconds to realize it’s not Melissa (with apologies to Melissa, but seriously kid I never thought I’d see anyone as good at or better than you!). I’m very thankful I’m not contending with bubble gum popping and smacking, too.
So, amongst all this she decides she wants her beautiful long hair cut and streaked in rainbow colors. OK, I hate to see it cut, but it is her hair and she does want to donate it to Locks of Love, so I don’t really mind too much, sniff, sniff  :’ ^(
But the streaks, I had to think about for a minute or so. Then I decided there were worse things she could want or even do than have rainbow streaks in her hair.
Off to the hairdressers we go.
15 inches off and bright purple highlights later we head home.
I think I must have brought the wrong child home!
The tantrums, etc. have virtually disappeared and in their place is a young lady that doesn’t have to be reminded to watch her tongue, say please and/or thank you, that sympathizes with me over my arthritis instead of fussing and lecturing me about what can help it, and knows how to smile. Faint-you can pick me up off the floor anytime now.
Can it really be this easy? We went Thursday and the new kid is still here.
She’s wanting pink highlights now, too. Hmm, maybe this time I’ll bring home one that’s pleasant AND does her chores!

Purple Hair from Shards of Memories



Here she is:
Miss Purple Hair!



There’s really only 3 stripes but the angle and the sun makes it look like more.
15 plus inches went to Locks of Love.
That’s my kid!

(She asked me not to plaster her face all over cyberspace so I very carefully drew her a new one with my computer mouse! No easy task, believe me!!!!!)

God’s Abundance

From Shards of Memories

 Original 10DEC2012

I saw the most awesome (though a little gruesome) sight yesterday.
It happened so quickly and so closely it took a few moments for it to even sink in what I saw.
I was sitting in the car waiting for Bill while he ran inside to get something and all of a sudden I heard a high pitched squeal and looked to see what it was. At almost the same moment I heard a loud screech.
A hawk caught a squirrel! It skimmed right over the top of the car and into the air over the house!
That is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like that myself. I know you see things like that on TV sometimes, but I’d never seen it myself.
God’s abundance even for the creatures of the air.

From my old blog: Shards of Memories

Conversation with G’Daughter

Years ago she told us she was practicing to be a bum. Tonight she enlightened me a little on her journey to fulfill her goal.

Seems the g’daughter loves to play games on the computer, which isn’t really news. But, what is, is the fact she doesn’t always like to be real involved with the game or deal with the people sometimes.

She’s come up with the perfect (translated: lazy way) solution, Instead of playing she goes to a site like YouTube and watches others play. This way she feels like she’s playing without all the work involved. Problem solved!

And Now I Know!

Very funny and strange conversation with the kid yesterday.

Found out she’s practicing to become a bum at 30.

Must say some of her habits i.e., room cleaning, shows she’s getting PLENTY of practice, and won’t be lacking in some areas!

Helping Dad, friends and family

I will be off line a good bit over the next few weeks as I’m helping my Dad and a friend with a minor crises that is labor intensive. In both cases I will not be anywhere near a computer.

As I have time to, before falling into bed before 5 AM again (like this morning and up again at 9 AM), I will either post an update or re-blog with many, many heartfelt thanks to those who allow me to re-blog their wonderful posts.

I am sincerely sorry for not being able to uphold my blogging commitments lately, but my Dad’s health is of paramount importance to me at this time.

Prayers needed.

God’s Blessings to each of you and thank you.