Capturing the Good and Bad Moments

Treasuring MOMents

I’m a former scrapboooker.  I had it all…the right tools and like-minded friends who would gather together at least once-a-month to have a scrapbooking party.  I was on top of all the events in my children’s lives, able to commemorate them in creative ways through my protected pages.

But changes in season and other priorities began to fill my time.  So now the tools collect dust, the pictures have fallen behind and there are no more parties to attend.

I was thinking about all of this the other day when I found a box of photographs.  How we tend to only capture the “good” moments in life when we take pictures or scrapbook (for those who enjoy this hobby).

Most times people don’t take out their camera when going through difficult times.  In fact, we would rather forget those moments.

Of course, there are some people who do take pictures…

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I have friends and family either here or on their way here. My Dad’s going in Saturday (He needed to go in and there wasn’t a slot available for Friday) for a surgical procedure on his heart. For those of you who pray, please be praying for him. Many thanks.


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The Last Waltz by Murray Pura

Murray Pura has woven a unique story transcending time and circumstances in The Last Waltz, Volume 2 of his Civil War Series.

Charity Davis, the wife of farmer Mitchell Davis, has been caring for the farm since he and their two sons joined the Army to fight in the Civil War.  They have been gone for two years, and her loneliness has become an ache.

One day Charity sees a regiment of soldiers and runs down the long road from her house to meet them, asking if any have seen her husband Mitchell.  Finally giving up, she heads back to the farm only to hear her name called. Turning, she sees her beloved Mitchell propped up on his horse between two other soldiers.

Charity is understandably upset over Mitchell’s wound, but she soon becomes happier when learning he will be able to stay overnight.

As they talk, Mitchell reads to Charity of King Hezekiah’s request of the Lord in Isaiah 38.  Mitchell shares how the passage prompted him to pray for one perfect day with Charity.

So begins their extraordinary day together before Mitchell returns back to his regiment.

Murray richly portrays their love and joy in each other throughout their amazing day together.  A day filled with laughter, love and foreshadowing, a day to cherish forever.

This book was given to me free of charge through The Book Club Network in exchange for an honest review.



Busy with Dad today. He’s not feeling well


and has a thousand things he wants to do-all and always after 1 PM.


Kind of breaks up the day for me but is when he’s feeling his best.

Dad’s not that spry and and needs a motorized cart, loves to take hours shopping and I hate shopping! But we get it done and I love time with him so it all works out.



It’s been rainy and cold here lately.                                                 Storm

Barely in the low 50’s or 60’s during the day and in the high 30’s and 40’s at night. Today’s forecast called for a high of 71 but the high only hit 65-at least there was no rain. It’s been non-stop rain for almost a week.

Wish I still had one of these!         Image

The Difference You Make by Pat Williams

The Difference You Make by Pat Williams

With Jim Denney

Pat Williams has hit it out of the ballpark and slam-dunked it with his book, The Difference You Make.  What an eye opening and provocative book.  Pat reflects over his life and the people who have influenced him, along with the ones he has influenced.

The entire book is about the impact of influence.  Pat touches on how his struggles with multi-myeloma cancer have helped open his eyes to the influences each person has, influences for good or bad, whether the person realizes their influence or not.

As a Dad, Pat had a huge impact on the lives of his nineteen children.   In addition, he has influenced as a coach for minor league baseball teams and influences as GM for a major league basketball team.

The book illustrates how we never know how we will influence people, even ourselves sometimes, as this example on page 131 richly demonstrates:


Each chapter of the book ends with a series of questions for group discussion or individual reflection, enabling a deeper understanding of the chapter.

He helps us learn and inspires us step by step, in how to become more strategic and intentional within our spheres of influence. He also helps us to use our lives as a mission to impact as many people as is possible with a lasting and positive influence.

Pat ends his book with the sentence:

The difference you make tomorrow begins with the decisions you make today.  

The book really brought home how important and significant our lives are as people, Christians, parents, bosses, co-workers or whatever our walk in life may happen to be. We never know how what we say or do will influence someone else.

Even though the book has a sports slant, it carries an effective and interesting message for everyone, male or female, sports nut or not.

This book was provided to me by Revell through The Book Club Network in exchange for an honest review.

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