Adventures of Coco the Cat

Our Cat, Coco, (I first introduced her here:                              is extremely smart.  She is constantly amazing us with her antics.

She has learned how to do things to her advantage or wants.  For instance, she will be in a chair when we come in from the store.  She jumps off the chair when she hears us coming in, and we inadvertently put the groceries on the chair she was occupying earlier.  No problem for her, though.  She just jumps in the chair, pushes something off the chair and moves it somewhere else.  She continues to do this until the chair is cleaned, then promptly jumps back on.

We have pretty ivy in the middle of our three living room windowsImage that is in a light basket.  If she decides the plant is in her way, she just grabs the basket in her mouth and moves it to the other side of the table.

She loves my computer chair Image and winds between my legs meowing and purring trying to entice me to pet her – at which time she will jump into the chair. She then proceeds to nudge me quite forcefully to push me out of the chair.

Mosquitoes are not safe either. She has decided if they are along the ceiling all she has to do is push her kitty condo to where they are and attack!

Kitty condo

Coco also has an adorable heart on her chest like this cat.


Full disclosure: None of the cats pictured are Coco.


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