Weather Forecast-Severe Storms-Maybe Tornadoes

The weather prediction for today is SEVERE!

Last time we had severe weather we lost siding on the house, shingles on the roof, branches on the pecan tree and our porch now sits sideways. (Which is a very strange sight!)

Contractors came to check everything out but haven’t been back so we still have a crooked, sideways porch. If the columns fall with this storm we’ll not only lose the porch but some of the house, too. I’m praying that doesn’t happen.

Other losses, based on last time, will include internet for DAYS(!) and power for a short while; maybe a full day. Soooooooooo, just a heads up if I haven’t posted for awhile, that is why.

The damage was done by 70-80 mile an hour straight line wind.

Photos below show a little of the damage:

Image                             Image


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One Response to Weather Forecast-Severe Storms-Maybe Tornadoes

  1. Cia says:

    I discovered your “Weather Forecast-Severe Storms-Maybe Tornadoes. I like it.


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