Intense, Intriguing Story


I recently read The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow having first read the sequels, Blame It on the MistletoeGriselda Takes Flight and Charlotte Figg Takes over Paradise by Joyce Mangin. I’m glad I read them first because I fell in love with Bright’s Pond, the town where each story takes place.  Agnes Sparrow’s story is good, but I don’t know if I could have survived reading all four books had they all been as intense as Agnes’ story.

Agnes Sparrow is over 700 pounds, unable to leave her home; she turns to praying for everyone walking past her window and the residents of Bright’s Pond. Many of the townspeople think Agnes is a great person because her fervent prayers were being answered.  In fact, most want to erect a statue in her honor and have an exit sign reading “Bright’s Pond-Home of Agnes Sparrow.”   Others ridicule and harshly judge Agnes for her weight and feel the statue and sign would be a travesty.

Griselda, her sister and the raconteur, appears deeply devoted to Agnes.  However, she too sometimes becomes jealous and a little bitter because of having to devote so much of her time and energy to Agnes.

The story started out capturing a somewhat normal but zany small town way of life.  Then without any warning two disturbingly horrific events shatter the town’s peace, thus changing the pace, feel and direction of the story.

As secrets are revealed, the lives of everyone in town dramatically change.

I don’t want to give away any “spoilers,” so I won’t say more.  If you like twists, turns, intrigue and unusual plot lines, then you’ll really enjoy The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow.


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