Identity Theft Strikes Again

Got a call this afternoon that an illegal alien (not from Mars or anywhere in outer space either!) had been apprehended using a SC driver’s license that had our name on it. Now, the interesting thing about this is the license was surrendered to DMV over 10 years ago when the move to AL necessitated getting a new license. Curious how this will affect things especially since the call was from Ft. Jackson. Hoping and praying it doesn’t impact military ID, insurance, etc.

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Belated Valentine’s wishes. Hope everyone’s was all they wished for and more.

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s. I sometimes feel I’m being a traitor to other females by saying this, however I believe Valentine’s is a contrived celebratory day.

I don’t think anyone should have a day forced upon them to celebrate their love, like or whatever on the person(s) they care most about. The good will that Valentine’s day may create should be an everyday occurrence and not just not just once a year.

OK, I’ll get off my bandwagon now. Even though I hadn’t deliberately forgotten Valentine’s wishes this year, I guess it did set up the opportunity for me to mildly vent.

Temporary Reprieve



I have a temporary reprieve from surgery! Hurrah, praise the Lord! My Dr. wants to try what he calls a “new wave” medication. He’s not sure it will work  but I’m willing to try even if it’s a temporary stop measure before surgery.

I really want to avoid this surgery if I can as it is MAJOR, MAJOR with a long hospital stay and longer recuperation.

Original post January 24, 2013

I will be taking an extended hiatus due to continued health problems necessitating extended bed rest and possible surgery followed by more bed rest.

My apologies to those I owe a blog review. As soon as things settle down I will be back with more reviews.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.