“Pet” Peeves

It started with a whisper…no that’s not right, that was a song I heard while shopping one day that’s stuck in my brain!

The real aggravation point, for me, started with our local newspaper.  At some point they fired all their copy editors and started relying on grammar and spell check.  Now, our paper isn’t a small paper by any means as we have Pulitzer Prize winning journalists and photographers on staff and a healthy readership. (I feel they are WAY, Way too liberal but that’s a story for another time perhaps.)

I, along with many other readers, started noticing little mistakes every now and then.  Just enough to be annoying but not so much that one would cancel their subscription. However, that changed after I placed an ad in the paper.

The ad I requested was: Female, pure bred Chihuahua, spayed and up to date with shots. Loves people.

The ad I got: Pure bread spade female Chihuahua. Loves people.

OK, now can anyone-anyone tell me what a full bread spade Chihuahua is?   I know I haven’t the foggiest idea what it is and I’m almost afraid to guess!

This ad provoked me for a lot of reasons, not the least of which, they never updated it after my call and continued to run it as was and to charge full price to boot.

So, at this point the g’daughter and I started to monitor the paper until we cancelled our subscription in exasperation.

This brings me to my second point on peeves. I’ve also noted the same trend in books. Where e-books are concerned I usually just pass the errors off as formatting or technical issues, but I’ve noticed more and more mainstream books falling into the same trap.

I was reading the first chapter of a book the other day and caught two MAJOR errors on the first page. The young lady in the story hung things to dry on the “close” line and then “peddled” her bicycle as quickly as possible.

Now I don’t know about you but I’ve never hung things out to dry on my “close” line.  And while I may be tempted to “peddle” my bike it would not be as quickly as possible unless it was at an auction.

Other errors commonly include there’s for theirs, hear for here, your for you’re and the list goes on and on. It’s not hard to understand how the errors occur.  If the word is spelled correctly, though used incorrectly, then grammar/spell check doesn’t catch the difference in meaning.

Some are so funny I am actually thinking of posting updates occasionally on errors I have found.

The reason I get peeved about these errors is the break that puts a brake on my concentration and makes it hard to continue to read.

And don’t even get me started on grammatical and nonsense errors, I may never shut up!


Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson

Dee Henderson’s new novel is one of political intrigue with a touch of romance, a nail biter for sure.

I really enjoyed the story especially because I finally was able to convince DH (a conservative political nut) to read the story after I did. I loved to hear his conjectures at the various twists and turns the novel took; some ideas that mirrored mine and some way off the chart.

The story focuses mainly on three people. Ann Silver is the Midwest Homicide Investigator and very happy with her single life. Paul Falcon is an FBI Special Agent and go to man for high profile murders. He is a bachelor determined not to marry anyone in law enforcement.  The Lady Shooter, the third character in the trio, is a hired gun responsible for numerous murders and has dropped off the radar in recent years.

The Lady Shooter case has gone cold when Ann shows up with information about a car crash that just might be the lead Paul’s been needing in his quest to capture The Lady Shooter. Through twists, turns and many surprises Dee Henderson takes us on a roller coaster ride through her newest book. I don’t want to tell too much about the book and take away from the reader’s enjoyment of discovering the gems for themselves.

I especially appreciate how Dee ties in characters from other books and also gives us brief glimpses into who she, Dee Henderson the person, is.

I figured out most of the story before the ending. But having said that, I believe it’s because I’ve read literally thousands of books, watched hundreds of movies and have written several stories of my own. My husband, however, was kept guessing to the end and most of his guesses were entertaining since I knew the ending.

One aspect of Ann’s life I genuinely related to was her desire, if not deep, deep need for alone time. This is something I have greatly struggled with; how to accommodate this need and yet still stay in tune to my family and their desires. I truly enjoyed (and may copy) Dee’s answer to Ann’s struggle to maintain employment and friendships while still providing desperately needed down and alone time.

I received this book free from The Library Thing in exchange for an unbiased review.