The Director’s Cut

The Director’s Cut is the final book in the trilogy, Backstage Pass, by Janice Hanna Thompson. The other two books are Stars Collide and Hello, Hollywood. Each book focuses on different people and aspects of the television sit-com Stars Collide.

I have read and enjoyed other books by Janice; however, I had not read this particular series nor the first two books in the series; in spite of this I wasn’t lost or bewildered. With only a few minor instances, The Director’s Cut could be a standalone book.

The Director’s Cut is about Tia Morales, director of Stars Collide.

Tia has definite ideas and goals for her job, and for the most part, everything at work is under control. Not so with her personal life.

Tia’s Mom and Dad have a bizarre marriage. Her brothers can’t finish a job-including helping her renovate her home. Her sister needs a job and sees Tia’s sit-com as the answer.  Through it all, she and cameraman Jason Harris are constantly butting heads.

Tia acutely needs to learn to apply the phrase “Let go, and let God” to her daily living and circumstances but she is afraid to relinquish control of the reins. So she stumbles through day to day trying to keep her life under control, and nothing seems to work!

Anyone that has grown up in a dysfunctional family and is a “Type A” personality or a “control freak” will easily be able to relate to Tia Morales and her struggles with control.

As things begin to fall apart around her and Jason gets more and more under her skin, she begins to loosen her hold and just enjoy life.

Janice’s terrific sense of humor is wonderfully illustrated in The Director’s Cut by the use of her character’s humor. She delightfully enlightens the reader with circumstances that are both believable and somewhat outrageous.

I’ll definitely be reading the other two books in the Backstage Pass series, Stars Collide and Hello, Hollywood.

Just a quick side note to Janice: Janice thank you, again, so much for your prayers and patience during this trying time our family is experiencing. Thank you again for the book, too!

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