Strange, But True

A strange thing happened tonight. I was scrounging through the freezer looking for food for the g’daughter and me when I found a frozen chicken breast. It was a little large which was perfect to divide and had what looked like a cracker crust.

The cracker crust struck me as odd because I didn’t remember making a breast with cracker crust. The single chicken breast perplexed me, too as I usually don’t freeze just one, but it smelled yummy even frozen.

Undaunted I popped it into the microwave on defrost and got busy doing other things.

When it had defrosted I took it out, only to find it had disintegrated. No, I didn’t burn it!

Turns out I had taken chicken breasts and fixed it for enchilada and chopped it up before I froze it. The shape was just coincidental due to the way it was put in the freezer (squished in, mainly) and had frozen into the shape of a breast.

Sooooooooooooo, we had chicken gravy over toast points instead.

Never a dull moment!


About RobbyeFaye

An avid reader, homemaker and grandmother. I try to be as real, honest and thought provoking as possible. My blog is primarily devoted to book reviews, but at times it has stretched and grown, as it ebbs and flows with me. However, I still read a lot and review the books I read. Loving life and Jesus Christ.
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