Strange, But True

A strange thing happened tonight. I was scrounging through the freezer looking for food for the g’daughter and me when I found a frozen chicken breast. It was a little large which was perfect to divide and had what looked like a cracker crust.

The cracker crust struck me as odd because I didn’t remember making a breast with cracker crust. The single chicken breast perplexed me, too as I usually don’t freeze just one, but it smelled yummy even frozen.

Undaunted I popped it into the microwave on defrost and got busy doing other things.

When it had defrosted I took it out, only to find it had disintegrated. No, I didn’t burn it!

Turns out I had taken chicken breasts and fixed it for enchilada and chopped it up before I froze it. The shape was just coincidental due to the way it was put in the freezer (squished in, mainly) and had frozen into the shape of a breast.

Sooooooooooooo, we had chicken gravy over toast points instead.

Never a dull moment!


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