The Choice

February 10, 2012

Suzanne Woods Fisher’s first book in the Lancaster County Secrets, The Choice, is a very enjoyable read.

The story centers around Carrie Weaver, an Amish girl, who through a series of unforeseen circumstances is unable to marry her true love, Sol Riehl. She settles instead for a marriage of convenience to Daniel Miller.

Carrie’s marriage to Daniel is short-lived, however, when he’s killed by an Englisher in an accident involving his buggy and a car. Carrie pulls her life together and carries on amidst numerous difficulties and hardships, comforted by her faith in God and best friend, Mattie Zook.  

The Choice does not follow the normal formulaic story of most Amish books.  Multiple plots and storylines keep you on your toes wondering what’s going to happen next.

A masterful blending of heartache, forgiveness and real life, The Choice leaves you eagerly anticipating the rest of the series and wanting to know more about everyone’s lives.

This is one of many books on my Kindle. I will be reviewing others in days to come.


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